For BerkshirenCounty, MA link in:

You must download this web link:


 And then go to your download files and click “listen.pls” download


For Marshfield, MA link in:

CLICK on this link… http://ticnetwork.org/

and then on the right hand side of their page

CLICK on this image and you are listening to the talking chronicle



  • Click the “Listen NOW” button on the upper-right corner of this page
  • Call us to inquire about receiving a TIC RADIO
  • LISTEN BY PHONE – Call 712-832-7025
  • Download our FREE APP on your Apple or Android device
  • Tune in to any of the following FOUR radio stations: WVBF-AM, Middleboro 1530AM, WUML-FM, Lowell 91.5, WDJM-FM, Framingham 91.3, and WRRS-LPFM, Pittsfield 104.3

About The Berkshire Talking Chronicle

The Berkshire Talking Chronicle has provided free-of-charge radio reading services to visually-impaired and print-handicapped listeners in the Berkshires since 1984. We offer programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year that focuses on broadcasting content not available anywhere else, including local news and information from the Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield Gazette, North Adams Transcript, SingerShoutOut!, local authors and others. We supplement these local news broadcasts with programming on health, literature, shopping circular bargains, community events and articles from national periodicals.

To listen live to our broadcast, please visit www.ucpberkshire.org and click the link under our logo on the right hand side of the page; or go to www.ticnetwork.org and follow the directions listed on the left hand side of the page. You must have Winamp or ITunes to listen. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not allow streaming at this time.

For more information about the Berkshire Talking Chronicle, check out our brochure. If you are Interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Beverly Prentice at 413-442-1562, ext. 36 or bprentice@ucpberkshire.org.

The Berkshire Talking Chronicle is supported in part by the Talking Information Center, which is funded through the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Berkshire County, a grant from the Katherine L. W. and Winthrop Murray Crane, the 3rd Charitable Foundation and contributions from listeners, foundations, corporations and private donations.


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The Berkshire Talking Chronicle now has receivers for our Northern Berkshire listeners! Just complete and submit a receiver loan agreement form — which is available here and at UCP’s North Adams and Pittsfield Offices — and you will be able to listen to the Chronicle anytime, anywhere! There is no cost.


Become a Member of the Berkshire Talking Chronicle

As a member of Berkshire Talking Chronicle, you pledge your support to help UCP continue the wide-range of programming available on our station. Your continued listening is why UCP’s Berkshire Talking Chronicle still exists today! Membership is free; just fill out the BTC Membership Application Form and drop it off at UCP’s Pittsfield or North Adams office! You can also email it to bprentice@ucpberkshire.org.


Check out podcasts from some of our recent programs:

“Leaders without Limits” with host Sal Gorozzo 


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