April  2018



ATRC success story:



Jennifer loaned the Pressure mapping system from the ATRC to use with her daughter.

“My daughter has CP, and she spends a lot of time in her wheel chair, because we have a busy small apartment and it is not always safe for her to be on the floor.  My daughter has had this wheel chair for a year now but she often looks uncomfortable and does a lot of moving around, when I found out that I can borrow a pressure map to see how she looks sitting in the chair I was excited. Louise came to my house and showed me how to use it, we spent some time looking at the results which I was pleased seemed good.  I saved the results on a flash drive and signed a loan for the pressure map to use it a few times.  I feel happy that Kaylee is not having problems in her wheel chair and I can keep this information and use it to compare in the future.”