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The next step in making your launch successful is what we call “becoming your own best supporter”.  Office supplies, computers, travel and more can be bought for your organizational and personal needs through http://ucpbc.causenetwork.com , generating funding for UCP of Berkshire Countywith every purchase – at no extra cost or effort.
The message below is an example email to send to your core team (employees, board members, volunteers) to get them using your new fundraising tools.  Don’t forget at every opportunity to let people about know about your newly launched vehicle donation website, located at http://ucpbc.causenetwork.com/vehicles
 Sample Email To Send To Your Team
Subject: Check out our new fundraising tool
As many of you know, we recently partnered with CauseNetwork to help us with our fundraising needs.  Please go to http;//ucpbc.causenetwork.com where you will find our customized web marketplace, mobile app and unique vehicle donations link.
CauseNetwork has over 1,000 online retailers who donate up to 10% of every purchase to UCP of Berkshire County while offering merchandise at the same prices and with the same deals available on their websites. UCP of Berkshire County website now gives you the ability to book your flight, hotel and car travel, accept vehicle donations, used electronic device donations and more.
We ask your help in jump starting this new fundraising tool.  Here’s what we all need to do:

A best practice adopted by many of our partners is to add a P.S. to their email signatures and newsletters.   Here’s an example:

P.S. Please remember to do all of your online shopping through our website at

P.P.S. We can now accept vehicle donations at our newly launched vehicle donation website, located at http://ucpbc.causenetwork.com/vehicles
Please remember to do your personal and professional shopping using our website and apps and up to 10% of your purchases support our mission!
Please let me know if I can help in any way with your internal launch.
Thank you,