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Area Residents Join In The First Competitive Soccer Team For The Wheelchair Bound

Celebrating Life Without Limits

Father-Son Marathon Team Inspires Book



December 11, 2018:3:00 PM ET Affiliate Topical Call Topic: Bellows Applications Q&A. Presenter: Mark Boles, Chair, Bellows Committee. Call in #: 888-402-6958.


January 8, 2019: Upcoming Network News Publication.


January 21, 2019: Note Change in Date from January 29, 2019: Affiliate Topical Call 3:00 PM ET Topic: The Power of Stay Interviews. Presenter: Dick Finnegan.


February 26, 2019: 12:00 PM ET. Volunteer Engagement Call Topic: Opportunities with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Richard Ellenson, CEO is the speaker. Call in #: 888-402-6958.


Save the Date: March 24-26, 2019: UCP Annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois Embassy Suites Magnificent Mile.


April 30, 2019: 3:00 PM ET. Affiliate Topical Call Topic: Opportunities with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Richard Ellenson, CEO is the speaker.


June 20, 2019: 12:00 PM ET. Volunteer Engagement Call Topic: TBD


CEO Briefing for Affiliates


Allow me to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude to the Affiliate Executives who not only serve on the Board of Trustees but also spend countless hours participating in Board Committees, RAC Meetings, Ad Hoc/Working Committees, and the recent Virtual Town Hall Conference Call. Your commitment to collaboration and thoughtful conversations have truly informed National as to what is essential and vital to the Affiliates. As a result of your efforts we move into 2019 with solid priorities that are sure to increase opportunities for the UCP National Network through an enhanced value proposition focused on financial, research, and advocacy resources.

I am excited to share with you that the 2019 UCP/ANCOR Case for Inclusion Report will be released at a press conference on January 10, 2019, in Washington, DC. UCP is grateful to the ANCOR Foundation for fully funding the report and for their insightful and collaborative involvement in the project. A special thank you to Taren Bragdon, who served as the researcher and to Diane Wilush, Jeanne De Sa, and Anita Porco who represented UCP on the project. Your hard work is much appreciated!

Also, I previously reported that a UCP Working Committee made up of 12 Affiliates has been working with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation(CFP) to explore ways the two organizations can collaborate to better serve the community of people with disabilities. To update, the Committee determined the best path forward is to define three specific initiatives and then encourage interested UCP Affiliates to reach out directly to CPF to explore a manner in which they can work together toward one or more of our shared goals. These three resources are: “Just Say Hi in Schools,” a school-based inclusion initiative; Early Detection and Intervention for infants with CP, and the CP Channel. A letter will be sent out to all Affiliates about connecting directly with the CP Foundation and how to access these resources. My gratitude to the members of the Working Committee, Richard Ellenson, CEO of the CP Foundation, and his team for offering these vital resources to the UCP Network.

Finally, UCP of San Luis Obispo will partner with UCP National on phase II of the ucp.org website revamp project. As you know the website has been designed to highlight the programs and services the Affiliates offer with user-friendly navigation. Phase II will include updating the Affiliate Portal and combining mylifewithoutlimits.org into ucp.org. Also, the new design template is available to Affiliates at no cost. Special thanks to Mark Shaffer, CEO of UCP SLO and Jason Portugal for taking on this project!

It’s been a great year, all because of you! Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the children, adults, and families you kindly serve!

With gratitude,



Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season

The UCP Board of Trustees and Staff of UCP wish a Happy Holiday Season to the staff and families within the entire UCP Network! Have a healthy, happy and safe New Year!


2019 UCP Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members of the Corporation will be held at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile. The address and reservations phone number are as follows:

511 N. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL. 6061, telephone: 800-525-2509. Embassy Suites link for reservations are:

Click here to make a reservation at the Embassy Suites for the UCP Annual Conference.

The room rate will be $149.00 for a king-size bed, non-smoking room. We will have complimentary Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms and guest rooms. Made to order breakfast and evening manager’s receptions are also included. If you are wondering what is available on the ‘Magnificent Mile’ click here: https://www.themagnificentmile.com/. More details to follow as they are available!

Registration is available for Affiliate staff to register for the meeting. The rate per person is $225.00. Please note details in the reservation form.

Click here to register for the UCP Annual Meeting.

You can also visit www.ucp.org and the 2019 Annual Meeting information is housed under News and Events.

Since all of the RAC’s have discussed Table Topics for the Annual Meeting, we will be building plenary speakers and table topics around the topics that have been suggested.

For planning purposes the conference will begin with RAC meetings starting at 1:00PM CT on Sunday March 24, 2019 and will end after the Annual Meeting of the Members of the Corporation on Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 1:00PM CT. The Board of Trustees meeting will be on Sunday evening March 24, 2019. Other committee meetings will be scheduled closer to the date.


American Red Cross Discount Change

UCP received a 30-day notice from the American Red Cross that the rate for Adult CPR/AED and First Aid Training would have a modest increase.

All Affiliates should have received a letter referencing the $2.00 price increase that will be effective beginning January 1, 2019. Therefore, the Adult CPR/AED and First Aid courses will be $12 per person, which is over a 50% discount off of the American Red Cross standard pricing for UCP Affiliates.

If you are not using the American Red Cross for your training needs and taking advantage of this discounted rate you should compare your current pricing for the same training. You also should have received an email and flyer from me within the past few weeks.

Click here to access the flyer.


Affiliate Services Committee Goals 2018-2019

The Affiliate Services Committee developed the following goals that were approved by the UCP Board of Trustees for the fiscal year 2018-2019:

  1. Make and support recommendations for tangible deliverables that will position UCP to be able to increase memberships and to implement the Plan for Expansion of the Affiliate Network and Retaining Current Affiliates. These efforts should support the goal of reaching 70 Affiliates as determined by the network.

  2. Produce a schedule of topics and conduct quarterly volunteer engagement calls with the Volunteer Steering Group.

  3. Produce a schedule of topics and conduct quarterly Affiliate Topical Calls to foster Affiliate engagement.

  4. Complete data entry of key staff of Affiliates into the database.

  5. Provide opportunities for key staff in Affiliates to connect through email and participation in Affiliate topical calls and at the Annual Meeting.

  6. Monitor accounts receivable of Affiliate dues and enforce UCP policies and procedures for payment plans or disciplinary action as necessary. Work with Affiliates to resolve issues proactively.

  7. Monitor Affiliates for compliance with brand standards and use of trademark.

  8. Complete securing Affiliate signatures on 2018 Affiliation agreements.


Revised Trademark Policy

At its meeting on November 12, 2018, the UCP Board of Trustees approved the revised Trademark Policy as discussed at the RAC meetings.

Click here to download the Revised Trademark Policy.


Affiliate Topical Call January 21, 2019 at 3:00 ET

During the recent round of RAC meetings a topic that was consistently suggested as a need for all Affiliates is retention of staff. The Affiliate Topical Call in January will address that issue.

Topic: The Power of Stay Interviews

Nonprofits have never been more challenged to find and retain qualified help, particularly in times of historic unemployment. Just bodies aren’t enough, though, as employee engagement hasn’t improved during this century and 2 of every 3 workers are “sleepwalking” or sabotaging” in their jobs, Gallup tells us. There ARE solutions, though, and the best of these is for managers to own their talent and conduct Stay Interviews with their teams. Join Dick Finnegan, noted expert by Forbes and BusinessWeek, as he leads us through his top-selling book on the power we bring to our executives and leaders by implementing Finnegan’s Arrow and Stay Interviews. Dick Finnegan is known to several UCP Affiliates as a Speaker, Author, & CEO, C-Suite Analytics & The Finnegan Institute.

The date for the call had to be changed because of the speaker’s availability and I apologize for the Holiday conflict. The call will be recorded and you can request the recording following the call.


Volunteer Engagement Call February 26, 2019 12:00 ET

Richard Ellenson, CEO of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation will provide an overview of initiatives available through the Foundation. There will also be discussion of opportunities for UCP Affiliates to engage with these initiatives. A full description will be in the next Network Newsletter.


Territory and Affiliation Agreements Reminder

One of the things we tried to accomplish when executing the 2018 Affiliation Agreements was to clear up any changes or corrections in an Affiliate’s territory. An Affiliate’s territory is defined in the agreement and any changes made to that territory must be accomplished through requesting an expansion of territory and/or executing an MOU with another Affiliate and getting that approved by the Affiliate Services Committee and the UCP Board of Trustees. The process includes notifying other Affiliates in the state of the expansion request to see if there are any objections from other Affiliates in the state. Furthermore, if there is not another Affiliate in the state and the current UCP Affiliate seeks a contract to provide services outside of the territory in their agreement, the Affiliate must submit an expansion request. This also applies to territory that is open because of the disaffiliation of a former UCP Affiliate.


New Campaign from UCP Oregon

Congratulations to UCP Oregon on their new campaign to get their message out to the community. Here is some information from the Affiliate on the campaign:

“What is #BelieveAble?

#BelieveAble is a storytelling series. It is built to empower and motivate our community by showing that the things we love to do are important. The ability to visit a favorite park, watch a movie, see a friend, are all activities we may take for granted or may go unnoticed. No matter who you are, you shape the world around you, and those are the moments that matter! #BelieveAble focuses on the spirit that drives those actions.”


CPARF Grant Recipients in the US

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation has provided a listing of the organizations in the U.S. that have received grants from 2005 through 2017.

View the spreadsheet here.