Northern Berkshire Early Intervention Program

Awarded in May 2011, the Northern Berkshire Early Intervention Program provides family-centered, therapeutic, developmental services to children birth to 3 years old who have, or are at risk to have, developmental delays. Children may have chronic special needs or short term needs such as therapy for a speech delay. Services occur at home, day care, or anywhere the parent chooses, and are paid for by insurance. There is no direct out of pocket expense to families.

Community Playgroups

The program also offers playgroups every day, with developmentally appropriate activities. There are parent/child groups, where a parent and child can enjoy fun activities and socialization with peers together,  and “kids only” groups, which children attend alone. Parents are welcome to stay in the building or go and enjoy some “down time” or run errands.  These groups are free and open to any child in Northern Berkshire County between 20 months and age 3.


For more information about the Northern Berkshire Early Intervention Program, check out our brochure or contact Katelyn Snow at 413-664-9345 or