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Internship Program Helps Teens With Disabilities Learn Job Skills

With Text-To-911 Active, Domestic Violence Coalition To Launch Texting For Hotlines

Easterseals UCP Serves Throughout Hurricane Florence



October 18, 2018: 2:00 PM CT Midwest RAC Teleconference Call (888) 402-6958. No pin required.


October 29-30, 2018: Northeast RAC Meeting, Providence, RI


November 13, 2018: Upcoming Network News Publication.


November 15, 2018: Volunteer Engagement Call 2:00 PM ET Volunteer Engagement Call: Update from Board of Trustees

Presenter: Diane Wilush, Chair UCP Board of Trustees


December 11, 2018:Affiliate Topical Call 3:00 PM ET Affiliate Topical Call:Bellows Applications Q&A. Presenter: Mark Boles, Chair, Bellows Committee.


Save the Date: March 24-26, 2019: UCP Annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois Embassy Suites Magnificent Mile.

CEO Briefing for Affiliates


Greetings Affiliate Execs!


UCP National has concluded its Fiscal Year 2018, and is currently wrapping up the year-end financials. In November’s Network News, I will highlight the accomplishments as well as how UCP ended up financially for FY 18.


I’m excited and look forward to starting the first-ever Group Virtual Conference Call with all of you. The quarterly dates and times are being considered, and a calendar invitation will be sent out to you very soon. In consideration to our Affiliate in Hawaii (6-hour time difference from EST), these conference calls will take place in the afternoon. This informal dialogue with the Execs and myself will compliment the conversations I’m having at the RACs, Annual Meetings and one-on-ones.


Anita Porco and I have just completed our second RAC meeting. The first, the West RAC that took place in Hawaii in September. On Oct 1-2, 2018, the South RAC held their convening in Mobile, Alabama. Discussion about how best National can support the Affiliates, future priorities and best practices transpired among many other topics. I must say it was a productive and a proactive gathering, not to mention, the wonderful southern hospitality we received. And of course, the lodging at the “The Battle House Renaissance” was spectacular. Thank you, Glenn Harger, for the preparations, Ilene Wilkins for leading the meeting, and my sincere gratitude to those Affiliates attending!


On September 10, 2019, the Board of Trustees convened in Washington, DC. We welcomed the new Trustees and also acknowledged the dedicated Trustees that completed their terms. Congratulations to Chip Hurley, Ruth Gullerud, Michael Burke Jr., Jennifer Keatley, Glenn Harger, and Linda Maguire for the unwavering commitment to the Board of Trustees and to UCP’s Mission! Appointments to Board Committees happened, as well as voting-in the Executive Committee Members/Officers. I’m confident FY 19 will be another good year with the help of the Team, Committees, Affiliates, the BOT and Diane Wilush’s leadership!


Last, do not miss out on participating on UCP’s 70th Year Anniversary Committee. Please contact Dr. Todd Kates, CEO of UCP of MetroBoston at: tkates@ucpboston.org. Your expertise in marketing, communications, special projects, and bringing a historical perspective of UCP are certainly appreciated.


Thanks for all that you do in the disability community!




Armando A. Contreras


UCP Board of Trustees Officers


At the September 10, 2018 meeting of the UCP Board of Trustees, the following Officers were elected for fiscal year 2018-2019:


Diane Wilush, Chair

Stephen DeBiasi, Vice Chair

Keith Graham, Treasurer

Ouida Spencer, Secretary


Committee appointments were also confirmed at that meeting. Each Board of Trustee Member is on at least one committee and most are on more than one. A listing of the committees and members can be found on www.ucp.org and is posted here: UCP Committees and Members



Hurricane Florence and the Amazing Work of Front Line Employees


UCP affiliates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia prepared extensively for the evacuation of clients with the news that Hurricane Florence would bring widespread flooding throughout their states.


This message written on September 12, 2018 by Luanne Welch, CEO Easter Seals United Cerebral Palsy of North Carolina and Virginia, sums up the massive undertaking that took place.


“As of tonight: 3,304 Easter Seals UCP clients and 987 staff are accounted for in the coastal and inland communities that will be impacted by whenever and however Florence decides to do its number on NC’s coast. Thousands more in NC and VA are preparing for the heavy rain and flooding predicted to move slowly from the coast to the mountains.


This week, our front line employees have helped client families make and execute evacuation and contingency plans. In many cases, our staff are transporting and staying with their clients throughout the storm. Behavior analysts will provide phone consults for autism families who have evacuated or need critical support until routine services can resume. Dozens of mobile crisis team members will serve emergency shelters. Hundreds of supervisors, managers, directors and our operations VPs will be checking in with families and staff before, during and after impact to validate safety and identify needs.


While the path prediction may change hourly, as our governor said – ‘This massive storm is a marathon not a sprint.’ And our front line is poised to go the distance for mission with courage and all-in commitment.


We will continue to pray for the best, prepare for the worst, and every single hour we appreciate the blessing that our front line is to the families who need us. Easter Seals UCP is indeed a part of the fabric of the communities in which we operate. And our front line is the strongest of all the threads in that fabric.”


This is the story of one affiliate but all UCP affiliates and their employees continue to do amazing work to protect the individuals that they serve and we need to thank them every day.


Consider giving to the Easter Seals UCP Staff Hurricane Recovery Fund: https://easterseals.networkforgood.com



UCP OF BERKSHIRE COUNTY (now UCP of Western Massachusetts) RECEIVES $20,000 GRANT

The UCP Board of Trustees approved a name change request from UCP of Berkshire County to become UCP of Western Massachusetts. The affiliate has received a $20,000 grant from Becker Family Trust administered through The ARC of Massachusetts’ Becker Center for Advocacy of assistive technology. This capacity building grant will help train a minimum of 3 other agencies to offer more assistive technology services in their communities. The goal is to help improve the lives of 50 persons with disabilities throughout all of Western Massachusetts. You can access the press release here: UCP of Berkshire County Grant



2019 UCP Annual Meeting


The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members of the Corporation will be held at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile. The address and reservations phone number are as follows:


511 N. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL. 6061, Telephone: 800-525-2509. To make reservations the the Embassy Suites, please visit:Embassy Suites Reservations


The room rate will be $149.00 for a king size bed, non – smoking room. We will have complimentary Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms and guest rooms. Made to order breakfast and evening manager’s receptions are also included. If you are wondering what is available on the Magnificent Mile click here https://www.themagnificentmile.com/. More details to follow as they are available!


UCP Annual Meeting registration form:





Welcome New Executive Director


We welcome Marybeth Fitzgerald, RN, MHA as the Executive Director of UCP of Minnesota effective September 19, 2018. Marybeth is also Senior Planning and Business Development Consultant at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and has held several leadership positions throughout her career including management of the outpatient clinics at Gillette for many years. In her current role, she oversees the Cerebral Palsy Program at Gillette and works to advance clinical programs and other business opportunities.


Midwest RAC Teleconference Call


The Midwest RAC Teleconference call will be held on October 18, 2018 at 3:00 ET. The call in number is 888-402-6958. If an affiliate in another region wants to join the call please contact aporco@ucp.org. Your participation will be welcome.



RAC Information

The West RAC met on September 6-7, 2018 in Honolulu, HI. Roger Slingerman, CEO of UCP of Central California was elected as the RAC Chair. Ann Coffey, CEO of UCP Oregon was elected Vice Chair.


The South RAC met October 1-2, 2018 in Mobile, Alabama with Cheryl Smith, ED, UCP of Huntsville voted as Chair and Katrina Lipscomb, ED, UCP of East Central Alabama voted as Vice Chair.


Lynn Carpentier, ED of UCP of Minnesota and Midwest RAC Chair moved to a new position at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. We wish Lynn all the best in her new position and thank her for her service as ED and RAC Chair!


The Midwest RAC elected Teresa Gagliano, Executive Director of UCP of NW Missouri as the new RAC Chair.



Clarification of Use of UCPA


We understand that many affiliates continue to use “Association” in their trade name, based on historical usage of this term in the UCP National name (“United Cerebral Palsy Association”). As you know, we have since transitioned to using “United Cerebral Palsy” without the term “Association” and have updated our Brand Usage Guidelines to reflect this change. Accordingly, all affiliates should transition to using the formulation “United Cerebral Palsy of [Territory]” or “UCP of [Territory]” rather than any formulation that continues to include “Association” in your public-facing trade name. However, UCP will work with the affiliate to transition the phase out of the use of “Association” in your public-facing trade name and related materials (e.g. your website), and we note that you need not make any changes to your existing legal entity name and organizational documents (e.g. your articles of incorporation) as long as the affiliation with UCP is in effect.


Trademark Policy Revised


The 2018 Trademark Policy that was sent to all Affiliates with the 2018 Affiliation Charter Agreements has been further revised to address some issues that were raised by affiliates. The revised policy will be sent to all affiliates as soon as it is formatted and ready to be distributed. That may occur prior to this issue of the newsletter but if you have not received it please contact Anita Porco: aporco@ucp.org.


New Member Affiliate Services Committee


The Affiliate Services Committee welcomed April Kaylor, UCP Board of Trustees Member, to the Affiliate Services Committee. April has been a member of the Board of Directors of UCP of Metro Detroit for many years and is also a member of the UCP of Michigan Board. April’s background is HR and she has been a resource to affiliates for salary surveys and the use of the Guidestar Compensation Report. April will officially join the Affiliate Services Committee on October 1, 2018.


The Calgary Ability Network Receives Major Award for Work in Human Rights


An initiative of Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta, the Calgary Ability Network, earned a World Cerebral Palsy Day Major Award for its work in the area of Civil Rights. Read the full story here: www.WorldCPDay.org


World Cerebral Palsy Day Award Winners 2018 full video: www.YouTube.com.