UCP Releases “What Matters To You?” Video Focused on Health Outcomes of People with Disabilities
For individuals living with disabilities, the health care experience can often be overwhelming. From physical access to misunderstandings by medical and research professionals, there are often a unique set of challenges to take into account.
As a part of UCP’s “Speak for Yourself” initiative, we asked self-advocates in the disability community to share what matters most to them when it comes to their health, and what they would like doctors and health researchers to know about the disability experience.
You can watch the video here and get involved in the conversation around health research and the health care experience by using #WhatMattersUCP on social media.


Gillette Children’s Hospital Talks Transition
Kathy Lindstrom, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, at the Lifetime Clinic at Gillette Children’s Speciality Hospital talks with UCP about the services and supports Lifetime provides “transition-aged” adults, and how the programs and clinic got started. Lindstrom says it grew out of an unmet need in the community, “a grassroots movement put together based on patient needs.“ Read more about the Lifetime Clinic, the supports it provides, and learn about transition services for people with disabilities on the Voices of UCP blog. Read More


UCP Talks “What You Need to Know About…” College!


From getting to classes to requesting accommodations, the college experience for students with disabilities can often feel daunting. In the next in the “What You Need to Know About…” series, UCP’s Public Education Associate, Karin Hitselberger breaks down what you need to know as a college student with a disability. Read more.








Congratulations to Sharita Taylor!
Sharita Taylor, a client of UCP of Greater Cleveland, won the bronze medal in Ice Dancing and came in sixth place in Singles Ice Skating at the Special Olympics World Games in Austria! Read more about Sharita and her connection to UCP of Greater Cleveland on the Voices of UCP bloghere. Congratulations, Sharita!

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UCP Remembers Ron Farrin


United Cerebral Palsy is saddened with the recent passing of Ron Farrin, who served as the Director of Call Center Operations at Melwood, a nonprofit organization that employed people with disabilities that has been a long time partner of UCP.
Ron worked with UCP for several years on the vehicle donation program and was a supporter of UCP and similar disability-advocacy organizations. UCP would like to extend their condolences to the family of Ron Farrin.


Policy Update  


UCP Expresses Concern About the American Healthcare Act of 2017
UCP has released a statement of concern over the House passage of the American Healthcare Act of 2017. Find out how you can get involved by reading the statement here.

“They Deserve More” Aims to Address Gaps for Direct Support Professionals in Illinois
There are currently 27,000 adults and children in the state of Illinois who depend on services. “They Deserve More” is a campaign focused on addressing the gap in pay for direct support professionals. Find out more by going to www.theydeservemore.com.







UCP of Berkshire County Awarded Assistive Technology Contract 

UCP of Berkshire County was awarded an Assistive Technology contract through the Assistive Technology Regional Center. The contract runs through 2027. UCP of Berkshire County will receive $100,000 per year, allowing them to purchase and utilize assistive technology devices and mobility devices for their clients. Read More



UCP’s Adult Services Guide
The transition process can often be complex when you live with a disability. UCP aims to help facilitate the process with our health resources guide for adults living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The guides features resources that specialize in the treatment of adults and covers the United States. You can view the guide here. If you have a resource that you feel we may have missed, email us at info@ucp.org!



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