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Trump Budget Guts Medicaid (MassHealth)

Breaking his promise as a 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s proposed budget to be released on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, proposes to cut over $880 Billion from Medicaid shared funding to states over the next ten years, presuming that the Trump/Ryan American Health Care Act becomes federal law in the next budget year.

If enacted as drafted by the Trump Administration, Massachusetts, which calls its’ Medicaid program, MassHealth, would stand to lose $1.5 Billion in the first year, followed by a 25% total reduction in funding over the next decade.  States would either have to substantially raise taxes to replace the lost $880 Billion or would be forced to significantly cut Medicaid funded programs.  At risk are most disability programs, including employment, residential, family support, self directed services, health care for people with disabilities, children, the poor, pregnant women, people with psychiatric disabilities, people with autism, developmental disabilities, head injuries and countless other health and human service programs.  GOP Governor Charlie Baker, who has gone on record against the Administration’s AHCA proposal is expected to raise the same objections to the Trump budget proposal.

Trump budget: $800 billion in Medicaid cuts
(CNN)Donald Trump’s budget that is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday will include $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid — a move that underscores the President’s resolve to significantly downsize the federal program even as Republican lawmakers are clashing over the issue in Congress.
The $800 billion reduction, confirmed to CNN Sunday evening by a senior administration official, assumes that the GOP health care bill that the House passed earlier this month would become law, that official said.

Also, the bill would reduce federal funding for the entire Medicaid program, which covers more than 70 million low-income children, adults, disabled Americans and the elderly. States would either receive a set amount of funding per enrollee, known as a per capita grant, or fixed funding in the form of a block grant.

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