From the Desk of Sal Garozzo                                           UCP Berkshire County Executive Director


June 21, 2017

I received this E-Mail from Nan Wells regarding a presentation done by Cash McConnell and Alex Tierney on how to use 3 different kinds of assistive listening devices for a combined luncheon put on by the Sheffield Council on Aging and the Sheffield Commission on Disabilities.   


It is always nice to hear and share good feedback for a UCP Presentation that was so well received.



“Cash and Alex,

Many, many thanks and kudos for your excellent presentation at the Wells’ Celebratory Luncheon. 


I heard nothing but complimentary comments regarding the  assistive listening device presentation you gave on June 15 at the Sheffield Senior Center.

Attached is one photo taken at the event but others that were taken have not been sent on to me.  When I get them, I will send them on to you.

Once again, many thanks for doing such a top shelf how to session for us.

As always,