MEIC Budget Advocacy Alert:
Your Advocacy for EI is Needed Now!

The Fiscal Year 2019 budget process is underway and the budget is now before the House Ways and Means Committee.  We need your help to reach out to your legislators ASAP and ask them to make the Early Intervention budget request a top priority.  Many legislators are scheduling their budget meetings with the House and Senate Ways and Means Chairs so time is of the essence.

Early Intervention Budget
Fact Sheet FY19
Forward to Friend
Governor Baker unveiled his budget in late January and recommended level funding for Early Intervention to preserve existing service levels.   The total appropriation the Governor recommended for EI services is $29.3 million.  The Consortium is supporting the Governor’s budget request as we move forward to advocate with the Legislature.

Action Item:  Reach Out to Your Legislators Now 
The following links provide all the information you need to reach out to your legislators to advocate for the EI budget request.
The BUDGET FACT SHEET provides all the information you need to share with your State Representative and State Senator.

Link to House of Representatives (to contact your State Representative):

Link to Massachusetts Senate (to contact your State Senator):

To Find Your Legislators:

Suggested text for your legislative outreach:

“My name is xxx and I am writing/calling to ask you to support the Early Intervention budget request for Fiscal Year 2019.  I am the (title) of the Early Intervention Program serving over xxx children and families in your district.  I have attached the EI budget fact sheet which provides background on the budget request.  (If you have any special events coming up -legislative breakfast, agency anniversary etc…be sure to mention it to personalize your outreach).

Thank you for your past support for Early Intervention and I hope you will make Early Intervention one of your budget priorities again this year. Your support means so much to our agency and the children and families we are privileged to serve each day.  (If you know your legislator well and they have been supportive of EI, be sure to personalize this and thank them for their outstanding leadership and support on behalf of Early Intervention).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at xxxx with any questions.” .”

ACT NOW: Your Advocacy Makes the Difference!

Be sure to share any feedback you receive from your legislators.

On behalf of the Consortium, thank you for your outstanding advocacy for Early Intervention.  We could not succeed without you!