I am so pleased to announce this new program…

UCP of Berkshire County has received a $20,000 grant from Becker Family Trust administered through The ARC of Massachusetts’ Becker Center for Advocacy of assistive technology.

UCP of Berkshire County has unique expertise in assistive technology and is one of two assistive technology regional centers for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through this grant, UCP will help train other agencies who support persons with disabilities develop their own capacity to offer assistive technology. This capacity building grant will help train a minimum of 3 other agencies to offer more assistive technology services in their communities. The goal is to help improve the lives of 50 persons with disabilities throughout all of Western Massachusetts.

Salvatore Garozzo MBA, MS, CRC

Executive Director

Phone: 413-442-1562

Email: Sgarozzo@ucpberkshire.org